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Choose your boat

1/ With how many people do you want to travel?

We offer a wide range of sailboat that can adapt to your needs.

The Sun Odyssey 409 is the smallest of these, it can accommodate a maximum of 6 people while the larger units can accommodate up to 12 people.

If you have an interest in maximizing the capacity of the boat, it is not necessarily the best choice, when selecting it is important to think about the comfort / budget balance.

Good to know : If you rent the boat with a skipper and / or a hostess, a cabin is reserved for each of them.

2/ How will your crew be composed?

Young children on board:

Generally speaking, we recommend that people who wish to cruise with younger children to choose catamarans, the latter offer much more stability and a safer exterior cockpit. The catamaran will allow you to be more serene and your child will benefit fully from the cruise.

Grouping of two families:

When two families decide to get together to go on a cruise, the catamaran has the advantage of offering two hulls, each family can thus settle on the same boat while maintaining a certain independence (a family in the starboard hull, Other to port)

3/ What are the differences between a monohull and a catamaran?

Catamarans and monohulls have their own characteristics. If a monohull can prove to be more marine, a catamaran will have the advantage of having a shallow draft and thus get closer to the beaches for swimming.


on Wednesday February 08 by STAR VOYAGE ANTILLES
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Advantages Disadvantages
Driving pleasure Draft
Versatile (wind) Comfort at anchor
Security in case of heavy weather The gite at sea



Advantages Disadvantages
Low Draft Vigilance in case of heavy weather
Area on board Reaction to the bar
Conviviality Rises less well to the wind
Comfort at anchor -
on Wednesday February 08 by STAR VOYAGE ANTILLES
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