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7, 10, 14 days? How to choose the length of rental catamaran or monohull with a departure and return from Martinique?

7 days : :

For professional or personal reasons you would like to rent a catamaran or a monohull only for 7 days?

Rest assured, this is feasible. Check out our 7-day itinerary proposal in the Grenadines Read more +

However, your cruise on the Grenadines will be at a steady pace, you can still enjoy the magnificent landscapes that are available to you throughout your navigation (Saint Lucia, Mayreau, Tobago Cays ...).

We advise you to consult the typical itinerary which is carried out in general.

To make the most of these 7 days of hire here are our tips:

  • Go with a skipper: he can make sailings at night, or make a departure the evening of your arrival (counting a supplement), but the biggest asset of the skipper is that he knows very well the destination and it will be able to you How to visit the Grenadines Islands in an optimal comfort compared to the short duration of your hiring.
  • Subscribe to a conveyance: you have the option of embarking or disembarking on another island than Martinique. It is therefore necessary to include in the budget the cost of the conveyance which varies according to the islands and especially the cost of the additional air for your inter-island flights.
  • The price of a convoy can be equal to one or two days of rental according to the size of the catamaran or the monohull, if you have the possibility to take a few more days of holidays, we suggest in this case to make a comparison.

10 days and more:

A 10-day cruise, allows a more flexible itinerary with more possibilities.

Check out our 10-day itinerary proposal in the Grenadines , Read more +

For our part, we suggest 12 days rental.

From Martinique to Union Island via Saint Lucia, Mayreau, Canouan, Bequia, Mosquito and the must-see Tobago Cays, come and stop in these different islands ... You will not be in a hurry for time and you will take advantage of it to discover Anchorages, swim with turtles, spot rays or any other coral fish and white sandy beaches ...

Nevertheless, be aware that the ideal departure from Martinique for a stay in the Grenadines is of 2 weeks duration.

After, everything will depend on the islands you want to visit ...

If, in addition to the Grenadines, you wish to sail to the south of Granada, it is better to plan a stay over 3 weeks.

See below our different itineraries for the rental of your catamaran or monohull:


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