Can refueling already be done?

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Several companies offer their services to prepare your supplies before your arrival on site.

This service is very valuable, but it comes at a cost. We recommend that our customers do their shopping for fresh produce themselves in the supermarkets near the Marina. Food is an important element of a successful vacation, choosing your own products is a guarantee of satisfaction.

The Star Voyage Antilles office will give you all the information you need to make your last minute purchases, based on your wishes and your timing.

On the other hand, we recommend using these companies for all purchases of bulky products (water bottles, alcohol, cleaning products, canned goods, etc.)
Our long-standing partner, Appro-zagaya (order min. €400)  will allow you to fully enjoy your first evening on board.

Thanks to their online ordering platform, you can prepare your shopping list in advance and have it delivered directly to your boat. Star Voyage Antilles coordinates the delivery schedule with them, depending on the availability of your sailboat. No more hassle related to refueling!

Good to know: We recommend providing a 1.5 L bottle per day and per person.