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  • Lagoon 52 - Catamaran

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  • Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 - Catamaran

  • Lagoon 380 S2 - catamaran

  • Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 - Catamaran

  • Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 - Catamaran

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For over 30 YEARS, STAR TRAVEL ANTILLES offers sailing yachts on exceptions in the warm waters of the Caribbean.


Caribbean Yacht Charter with skipper

Discover the Carïbe with the help of a skipper or you simply want to sail carefree and complete relaxation.


Caribbean boat Charter without crew

To you the independence, free to sail where you see fit.


Classic Yatch Charter

Aboard a "vieux gréement" discover the charm of the hold regate on the french Riviera.

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STAR VOYAGE ANTILLES offers personalized itineraries though The Greandines with tailor-made services to make your holiday unforgettable. From the crewed yacht to Transatlantic cruise, STAR VOYAGE ANTILLES will be able to satisfy all your desires.


Northern Way - les Saintes

8 to 11 days cruises from our base located in Le Marin - Martinique in direction of Saintes.


Southern Way - les Grenadines

8 to 15 days cruises from our base located in Le Marin - Martinique in direction of Grenadines.



Transatlantic Cruise

For 40 days, discover the Atlantic aboard our new units (catamarans and monohulls).

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The renewal of our fleet is built on a 5 YEARS after which our units are available for sale. Initially, these new units are aquises with the designer.



Our boats are usually equipped version charter or cabin. Each sale is subject expertise to ensure the quality of the boat and ensure the tranquility of a purchaser to navigation.


For over 30 YEARS, Caribbean Star Travel offers navigate with confidence with the best in Caribbean sailing conditions and safety.

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