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Discover our catamarans for your bareboat charter with or without crew from our nautical base in Le Marin in Martinique for your pivate cruise in Caribbean.

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Advantage of a monohull sailboat
Driving pleasureDraft
Versatile (wind)Comfort at anchor
Safety in bad weatherThe cottage at sea
Avatange of a catamaran
Shallow draftVigilance in bad weather
Surface area on boardReaction to the bar
FriendlinessClears less well in the wind
Comfort at anchor
Choosing the right sailboat

1 / How many people do you want to travel with?

We offer a wide choice of sailboats that can adapt to your needs.

The Oceanis 41.1 is the smallest of them, it can accommodate a maximum of 6 people while the larger units can accommodate up to 6 people.

If from a budgetary point of view it is in your interest to fill the capacity of the boat as much as possible, this is not necessarily the best choice, when making your selection it is important to think about the balance between comfort and budget.

Good to know: If you rent the boat with a skipper and / or a hostess, a cabin is reserved for each of them.

2 / How will your crew be composed?

Young children on board

In general, we recommend that people wishing to cruise with young children opt for catamarans, which offer significantly more stability and a safer exterior cockpit. The catamaran will allow you to be more serene and your child will fully enjoy the cruise

Reunification of two families

When two families decide to get together to go on a cruise, the catamaran has the advantage of offering two hulls, each family can thus settle on the same boat while retaining a certain independence (one family in the starboard hull and the other to port).

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