Cancellation of your rental

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The cancellation conditions for sailboat rental may vary depending on the contract and its options. However, here is some general information that may apply:

In general, a deposit is requested when booking the sailboat. The amount of this deposit may vary depending on the service requested, but it often represents part of the total cost of the rental.
Cancellation conditions are stipulated in the rental contract.
If the customer wishes to cancel the rental, he must inform our sales department as soon as possible.
If the cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the start of the rental, the customer may not be able to recover their deposit. Some contracts may even require the customer to pay the full cost of the rental in the event of a late cancellation.
In certain cases, the customer can recover part or all of the deposit in the event of cancellation for reasons covered by their insurance (illness, accident, etc.).

It is important to fully understand the cancellation conditions before booking a sailboat, in order to avoid any inconvenience in the event of cancellation. If any doubts persist, it is advisable to contact our sales department directly for clarification.