Clothing and luggage

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What clothing and luggage should you prefer?

For a 10-day sailing cruise in the West Indies, here are some recommendations for clothing and luggage:

Choose light and comfortable clothing, adapted to the tropical climate. Opt for shorts, cotton or linen t-shirts, light dresses and swimsuits. Don’t forget to bring warm clothing for the evening and sailing times, as temperatures can sometimes be cool at sea.
Also bring comfortable shoes for sailing on the boat, sandals for the beach and sneakers for walks on land.
Bring rain gear (tropical showers are common but do not last long), sunglasses, a hat or cap to protect you from the sun.
For luggage, it is recommended to bring a soft travel bag rather than a hard suitcase, which will be easier to store in the tight spaces of the boat. Don’t forget to bring a small toiletry bag with your beauty products and personal medications.
If you plan to take shore excursions, consider taking a backpack to carry your belongings.
Finally, don’t forget to check your airline’s baggage restrictions before you leave, to avoid additional fees.

However, if you have luggage or bulky accessories (stroller, car seat, etc.) that you do not want to store on board during your cruise, indicate this to the Star Voyage Antilles du Marin office when you board. A left-luggage/luggage storage service is located near our premises.