In the event of a technical problem on board

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In the event of a technical problem on board the sailboat during the rental, the customer must immediately and obligatorily inform the Sailor’s Office (outside opening hours, a message must be left to be contacted).

Star Voyage Antilles technicians will initially guide you by telephone to resolve your problem. If remote troubleshooting is not possible, we will direct you to a serious and competent partner, as close as possible to your location. Do not decide to have a professional intervene on site yourself, without notifying the Marine Office in advance.

If the breakdown is due to negligence or an error on the part of the customer, the repairs and the corresponding costs will be the responsibility of the latter. If the breakdown is due to a technical or mechanical failure of the boat, Star Voyage Antilles will take care of the necessary repairs.

In all cases, it is strongly recommended to take out insurance to cover possible damage caused to the sailboat during the rental. The customer may also be held responsible for loss of use of the boat if the damage prevents the charter company from re-renting it immediately.

Finally, in the event of a dispute over liability or the amount of repair costs, the parties may resort to a dispute resolution procedure in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental.