When are the best times to go to the West Indies?

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Period 1: (from the end of October to May)

This period corresponds to the high season of the year. This strong activity can be explained by meteorological factors. Indeed, it is at this time of year that the weather is the most mild (low rainfall, average temperature 25°, lots of sunshine) while, conversely, the metropolis experiences winter. The trade winds are established and cause rarer precipitation and a slightly lower water and air temperature.

Period 2: (from June to mid-August)

This period is the wet season, which makes the vegetation on the islands resplendent. This season is characterized by more rain (squalls). The importance and number of precipitation depends on the relief of the island and its orientation (less abundant on the leeward coasts). Boat rental rates are very attractive, because the Antilles are in competition with the seas of the Mediterranean basin, which were very coveted at that time. At the end of July, the famous skiff race takes place, which is in some ways the national sport of Martinique.

Period 3: (from the end of August to mid-October)

At this time the cyclone risk is the highest of the year. This period is used by the technical service to prepare the boats for the following season (fairing, anti-fouling)

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