Wifi network on board

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Sailing the crystal clear waters of Martinique and the Antilles offers an unforgettable experience, but staying connected at sea can be a challenge. Here are some tips and solutions to stay connected while you travel:

WiFi Access Points on Land: Near each island you will find cafes or restaurants offering WiFi access. This is often the best option for a reliable and fast connection.
Prepaid Card for WiFi on Board: To have WiFi on board, you can buy a prepaid card online from the operator DIGICEL in St. Lucia, St. Vincent or Bequia. You will be able to benefit from Internet access on your mobile device and share it with your teammates on board.
Connection Quality: The quality of WiFi on board depends on the proximity of 4G terrestrial antennas and connection sharing agreements between operators in the Caribbean area. For an optimal connection, choose a ground connection when possible. In the Channel Islands, purchasing a SIM card may be necessary.

By following these tips, you will be able to fully enjoy your sailing trip while staying connected when necessary. Happy sailing and good surfing!